“In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.”

—Thurgood Marshall, first African American U.S. Supreme Court member

Your LITTLE ton Black Book Series will be your pocket book that will give you a taste of African American history – it’s not an intimidating book either! We have specifically designed this book to get the reader interested in the several areas of Black history by compiling several works that might definitely interest the readers! It might not be as detailed as other literary works that tackle the previous lives and history of African-Americans, but we this is exactly what the use of a pocket companion is: to give you a good appetizer to leave you wanting more to know about the history of black people in North America!

Not just that, but we also have Latino Contributions to Society and the World which also delves on the important contributions of LATINOS to the foundations of the United States and the world at large!

These aren’t just any ordinary books; you may be delving into the history of African-Americans in the United States of America, but it’s not going to just be focusing on one prominent specific figure! Look at it as if it was a trailer for a movie – it’s going to hype you up for all the things that you’re going to experience in the future!

One of the first African-American US Supreme Court members said that one of the best ways to understand and respect other people’s struggles and humanity is to look deep into their history as well as their journey through life! With this pocket book, you’ll definitely be able to get a fresh and new taste of the history of African-Americans!

Throughout the history of the west, most of the marginalized groups of immigrants and other demographics are usually placed to the side of the stage while the more dominant groups are placed in the spotlight – this is true when it comes to the history of African-Americans as they struggled through centuries of animosity, segregation, and oppression from the majority of the American population which then lead to the fostering of the civil rights movement in the United States!  

Let’s not sugar coat things – we all know that the history of African-Americans has been a long and arduous journey of a group of hardy and motivated people who have been struggling through some tough times but ended up rising through the sun driving away the fog of the night!








Life skills aren’t necessarily free – it’s not going to be easily paid with blood, sweat, and tears. Experience and knowledge are two things that you get from going to school which makes sure that you learn some much-needed insights and wisdom to prep your way for a more professional workplace and environment. However, there are some people who really don’t have the luxury (or the time) to keep themselves in school – some people have to keep working in order to support themselves.

So you might ask yourself “Well, how will I be able to teach myself all the valuable lessons and wisdoms in life without having to pay large amounts of money for education?” well, with this Book Dealer Campaign, you’re practically buying yourself a shortcut to all the knowledge and skills that you’ll need in order to get yourself kitted out for the professional world!

Not just that, but you can definitely use these books to your own benefit! After all, knowledge and wisdom can definitely get you far!

The main point that we try to drive in our fundraiser is that we are trying to help students and individuals alike in becoming young, motivated entrepreneurs who would become paragons of virtue and development for their communities by instilling the idea that selling books can be more profitable as well as more helpful to their communities rather than selling harmful drugs!

Another point that we try to drive with our campaign is that we are trying to replace any sort of pessimism or negativity that a person might have in their lives by motivating them to change for the better through careful and professional mental conditioning that will definitely leave our readers thinking in a more positive way while also making sure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare themselves for a better life!

Not just that, but we also make sure that our books are versatile as well as easily-accessible to a lot of different demographics and individuals from different facets of life and society! After all, there’s only one human race and we are all part of it!

We also ensure that the facts that we have written in our book are carefully researched as well as professionally handled by behavioral psychologists who have gathered data from numerous studies in order to come with up with the different solutions which have been etched on the book!  

There have been a multitude of different testimonies and reviews about our book that shows that students and individuals who are not currently studying have been having a positive and optimistic attitude when it comes to their studies and then working habits!

By buying this book series, you’re not just investing in a good student life – but you’re also buying yourself a ticket for a better life as well as a wholesome and successful career which will definitely help slingshot your life for a bright future!

Creating Book Dealers Not Drug Dealers Fundraiser Campaign

Welcome to the new best fundraiser currently trending worldwide. “We killed two birds with one stone.” Our aim is to instantly build student to have the free basic practical entrepreneur skills which they can use to solve real-life challenges through the information they had gathered and consequently build book dealers, not drug dealers.


To follow a just course in finding the best out of a student, put them on a new challenge. Selling books is a good start rather than selling candy. So, the idea is to make them sell a book based on human culture giving no room to nepotism in other to facilitate fellowship with people they might have to do business with later in the nearest future. This passes a clear message that there is only one race and it’s human! The rest is culture.


Taking the initiative to create book dealers, not drug dealers is careful planning and decision we took with the help of expert consultant of psychology to improve healthy lifestyle of individual students by putting them to work under proper circumstances without stress on their curriculum. This is a major breakthrough to finally spring up the best among the students and reducing the crime rate.


Testimonies of students that started to think positive because of this similar exquisite project are piercing the heavens. So, shun nepotism and let’s embrace this elegant approach as a body by supporting and creating book dealers not drug dealer campaign together. Invest in a student life today by buying these books and get your name written in their hearts forever.

Creating book dealers not drug dealer fundraiser campaign is for schools, student clubs, non-profits, student sports teams, PTA, etc


Illustration of a Fundraiser “CREATING BOOK DEALERS NOT DRUG DEALERS below:

The school or organization purchases the books at $5 each. $5 dollars a book x 900 books = $4,500

90 students sell 10 books each = 900 BOOKS SOLD

900 BOOKS sold at $10 = $9,000

The students/school earned $4,500 in profit for their fundraiser

Books are sold to schools and organizations for $5.00 per book upfront

Minimum purchase is 450 books

Books Retail for $14.77 but we highly suggest you sell the book for $10

Shipping/Handling & taxes are the separate cost (If you buy the books up front, the shipping/handling & taxes are waive; meaning no net 30 or 60

If you buy them using net 30, shipping and handling and taxes will be included in the purchase


To make it more fun you can get sponsors to purchase the books for you at $5 dollars each. The sponsors will get a tax write off and recognition in our press release that’s distributed nationally

We highly suggest that schools and students must share their progress on social media and tag us so that we can share in their excitement and motivates other through there testimonies. The school with the best social presence or sells the most books will get a chance to meet Baron Jay and one of his celebrity friends in person plus exquisite pizza party and prize give away.


We welcome all kind of support from any individual or organization that believe in the idea of creating book dealers and not drug dealers who therefore wants to purchase the book on a large scale so as to motivates students.

We’ll respond to these kind gestures by having to advertise the organization custom logo and messaging in both front and back cover of the book.

Note - The Maximum order is 10,000 books per organization.

This is another way to be connected to the community you serve and give back in a meaningful way. We are looking forward to the partnership with you as you create book dealers, not drugs dealers.